Friday Photo Break, vol. 1

I’ve had a passing interest in hobby photography since I was a teenager. I never had very good equipment, but I’ve been told that I have a good eye for it, which can make a world of difference. Even a professional-grade camera can give poor results if you just don’t do a good job of capturing the subject. 
Despite my interest in it, I’ve never really shown off my photography anywhere, other than a few artistic shots included in Facebook albums for other events, or a handful I uploaded to deviantART back when I used the site.
I recently upgraded to a much nicer camera, which inspired me to go back and look at all my old photographs, and I can’t help but feel that some of them weren’t too bad. Since I never really shared them anywhere, though, I figured this was as good a place as any.
Each Friday, I’ll make a point of sharing a photo at lunch time. Some of them might have stories to go with, others might not. Either way, here’s the first installment. Critique is welcome, of course, though there’s no need to go too in-depth since I don’t intend to do this professionally.
Hopefully you still enjoy looking!

When my brother married in 2011, he got married in one of my favorite places – The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. His wedding was in the fall, and I’d only been there in the spring before, meaning the place looked quite different from when I’d been there before.

One of the plantings that caught my eye most was a large patch of elephant’s ear plants. There were colors of the plant I’d never seen before.
My husband always calls the plants “dragons”, he told me about it long before we got married. He’d called them that since he was a kid and never knew them by any other name.

It had rained that morning and the leaves were covered in droplets that floated on the surface. I took several pictures, but this one was my favorite.

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